What should you take with you for a trip?

If you are planning a trip, you are certainly wondering what kind of food it is better to take with you. You might have your regular food preferences which cannot be realised during a trip. Some food might make you feel bad while others can simply get destroyed by your luggage before you even have a chance to consume it. These simple ideas might help you to make the right choose.


Although water is not food, it is actually even more important than food itself. Depending on the individual features of your body as well as the condition of your trip, you might bear hunger even during 24 hours. During this entire time, your body will be able to keep a proper level of sugar in the blood and, in all likelihood, you will be able to bear this condition quite easily. This is certainly not a case for having thirst.

No matter what you are doing, if you start dehydrating, you will feel its effects even in a couple of hours. The first things that will start suffering from such a condition are your coordination and reaction, while with time, you will start feeling fatigue, anxiety and can also develop strong headache. All of these symptoms are rather unpleasant when you are at home, let alone being on the road as a passenger or even worse, if you are a driver.

This means, you should take water with you absolutely for sure. If you can afford taking only an extremely small amount of things and have to choose between food and water, you should certainly take water.

Of course, many people are trying to drink more while they are travelling which is also sensible as it might be rather troublesome to get to the bathroom. Yet, it does not mean you should not take a sufficient amount of water with you. It is better to have it with you and keep its consumption to a minimum rather than to get into a situation when you are literally suffering from thirst and do not have enough water to get rid of this unpleasant sensation.

Hard fruit and vegetables

Some people find it unnecessary to take such products for a trip as they might be somewhat heavy. That is true, fruit and vegetables will definitely weigh more than chips and cookies, however, their value for your body will be a way higher. Such products will supply your body with an essential amount of liquids, microelements and vitamins and help you to prevent various unpleasant digestive problems which are commonly caused by trips. They will also give your dry snacks a feeling of freshness and make it easier to go through a trip.

The best types of vegetables and fruit you can take with you are apples, pears, cucumbers and bell pepper. They are hard enough not to get smashed by the rest of your luggage and not to make the rest of it dirty. In addition to it, they are less prone to getting spoilt even if you will be travelling in rather hot conditions.

For that reason, it is not advisable to take tangerines, oranges, bananas, raspberries and tomatoes with you. While these products are healthy and tasty, you will not be able to carry them without any special hard package that might take extra space in your luggage.