Useful things for a car trip with a kid

Planning a trip itself is not an easy task, however, if you are going on a journey with a small child, you should keep in mind even more details about the event. This article will help you to prepare for such a trip and take anything you need.

Food and drinks

We have already discussed the question of feeding and drinking in our previous articles, so you can refer to them if you need some detailed information. Right now, we just would like to remind you to take food and water with you and prepare for it earlier.

Box with medicines

It is highly recommended to get a box with different drugs for your trip. Even though in the majority of situations parents do not need it, it is still very useful and you will definitely feel better knowing you have such a box just in case.

There are many things you can add to such a box but the most important things are anti-inflammatory drugs to decrease a fever, anti-allergic medicines as well as anything against a diarrhoea. These malaises are the most possible during your trip so it is better to be prepared for them.


It is extremely important to supply your child with anything required for entertainment as the more engaged the child will be, the less stress you as a parent will have during the trip.

Think about your options carefully and consider buying something new for the trip as it will give you more possibilities for capturing the attention of your child.


Of course, everything depends on the age of child and his or her physical condition. Yet, those parents who still use pushchairs on a regular basis and think they will make do without it during a trip are making a huge mistake. If you are not used to caring your kid in your arms, it is not a good idea to check your own physical condition during your trip, no matter whether it is a serious trip or a vacation.

If there is no space for everything, you should take less clothes but yet not to resign from a pushchair.


Consider taking a lot of tissues with you both wet and dry. Keep them in each and every bag you are taking with you and different places of your car. It is necessary because you will get into many situations in which you have to react quickly and wipe anything whether it is from your child, parts of the car or yourself while you are travelling with a small kid.