Entertaining your kid during a long car trip

We have already discussed many questions related to planning your car trip with a small child. Now, it is time for the most important part of your experience which is entertainment.

We highly recommend you to think about this point beforehand as your child will require a lot of entertainment and the more distant your destination is, the more entertainment the trip will involve.

Cartoons and video games

One of the most obvious things a parent can give to a child during a trip is an opportunity to play a video game or watch a cartoon. Still, there are several things you should remember about.

The very first thing is the fact it is actually not recommended to watch cartoons or play games on the go as it increases eye fatigue. Still, if this is something that can really capture attention of your child, it is not reasonable to resign from such an option completely. Just keep a track of the time. You can even use the fact your child might become tired and specifically turn on a cartoon when it is closer to the sleeping time. Of course, it is important to make a right choice of a cartoon.

If your child loves listening to books, you can also choose audiobooks as an alternative, however, you should be careful not to pick anything too long and boring.

Download any games, cartoons or audiobooks beforehand to make sure you will have access to them if for some reason your Internet is not working on the road. This is also important to make sure you do not overuse your roaming traffic if you are travelling abroad.


Undeniably, you will need toys and the more toys you have, the better it is. Of course, it is easier to travel without having too many things, but this does not spread on travelling with a little child. your kid will need a wide choice of attractions and considering the level of tiredness and boredom he or she will be suffering from, it is also advised to get new toys for the trip.

The fact they are new can capture the attention of your kid for a longer time and that is what you are looking for during a car trip with a child.


No matter how great the attractions you have prepared for your child, you should be prepared you will need to make breaks and take your child outside of the car. This is absolutely necessary as children can suffer even more without an opportunity to move.

Note these breaks cannot be as small as the breaks an adult would enjoy. For a small child it should at least 15 minutes, however, he or she might need even 30 minutes. Make sure the child has an opportunity to walk and actively spend this time.