The best apps for navigation and booking cars

Visiting a new destination is an amazing experience, however, you will certainly need some assistance. Fortunately, the modern technology will provide you with a great number of options for managing your trip and you will be able to use various options including special apps and services for navigation and car renting. This article will give you a number of useful suggestions of the reliable and user-friendly apps.

The best services you can use for renting a car

When it comes to the apps which have been specifically designed with a view to allowing their users to rent cars, one of the best options available to you is Rentalcars. This service is international and it covers the rental services available in 160 countries of the world. In all likelihood, the options you will come across while using this platforms are the ones offered by the largest countries available in the countries supported by the app. With the help of Rentalcars you will also be able to look at particular models of cars in a convenient way and search for specific prices.

You can use Rentalcars as an app on your Android phone or an iOS device.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with Rentalcars, you can try Sixt which has a smaller database when it comes to the countries as its list includes 105 countries ta the moment. Although this is still a lot, it is definitely not as large as the number of countries offered to the users of Rentalcars. Sixt is also a free app which can be used on bothe iOS and Android.

Do not forget about checking the Bla Bla Car service which is currently the greatest service allowing you to find people who will give you a lift to a particular destination at a particular time. In fact, this is also the service through which you can look for people who own a car and will be willing to make a trip with you. In such a case, you will be sharing the costs of a trip with the people who will be giving you a lift. Bla Bla Car has an app compatible with iOS and Android.

Services which will help you to navigate around a new place

Needless to say, navigation around a new place might be a real challenge to anyone, so it is better to have a reliable assistant. actually, the best assistant for you will be one of the modern apps designed specifically for navigation and you certainly can make a great use of them.

One of the things you certainly should download and install on your smartphone is HERE WeGo. This an app which will allow you to get a set of maps which will be available even if there is no Internet connection which actually can happen to you with a high probability once you get to a new place. This is not everything about the app as it also has schedules of public transport as well as valid information about traffic jams on the road.

Alternatively, you might be interested in installing MAPS.ME which will also work on your smartphone without Internet connection. MAPS.ME can be used for checking highly detailed maps of different location as well as a navigator. In addition to it, the functionality of the app allows its users to build routes for various transport including bicycles.

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