Amazing services for planning an entire trip

When you are sure about coming to a new location, you have found accommodation and have purchased tickets, it is time to set the route for your trip. This is a very pleasant part of preparation for travelling, however, it might take a lot of time and research. Of course, you want to make a list of all of the most crucial tourist attractions and also include the destinations you specifically interested in. Yet, this is not the end of your preparations as you certainly need to know how to combine all of the point in one route considering the opportunities for transportation.

This might not be the easiest task to complete, so you will need some help and there is a number of advanced platforms which will help you to deal with such a challenge.

Choose a guided trip

Some people love guide trips whereas others prefer to organise their trips on their own. Of course, you should use the option which you personally like most, however, you should also take into consideration an alternative way organising a trip which is going around the destination with a local guide. Even though it might not be so obvious where to look for such people, you should know there are many local residents who are willing to make a personalised trip for tourists and such an option might be a way more attractive for you than a trip organised by a travel agency which already have all of the points predefined.

Now, how can you find such a guide? There are many ways to do it, however, you might be willing to try the app known as Tripster which is dedicated exactly to this form of search. The individual guides offering their services to tourists will be willing to create a specific programme according to your requirements. On top of that, you can use this service as a source of information needed for your trip.

By the way, there is also a service known as Couchsurfing which will allow you to find such local guides who are actually doing it out of passion, so you can use their help free of charge. By the way, this service is also a place where you can find such local people inviting foreigners to stay at their place for free as well.

Apps for creating your own travel plans

If you are really sceptical about going on organised trips, you should use one of the services which will allow you to create your own plan for a trip. Fortunately, there are a couple of such platforms existing right now and their functionality is pretty impressive.

Sygic Travel

For instance, you can refer to the app called Sygic Travel which includes a lot of information about literally everything regarding a particular location. The app has a database of popular tourist routes allowing you to pick one of them, has access to navigation as well as a large amount of various helpful materials which will allow you to create a perfect trip. moreover, Sygic Travel is equipped into advanced functionality which will give you an opportunity to check some specific information including the weather on a particular day as well as the estimation of the time needed for your trip.

You will find both an iOS app and an Android app for free.


One of the most convenient applications for creating routes for walking, bicycles or with the use of public transportation is Citymapper. The app is absolutely free of charge and it will help you to understand the public transportation better which is highly important while you are travelling abroad.


Another useful tool for navigation around cities is Wikiroutes which is a guide around an immense number of cities of particularly great tourist value. With the help of this guide, you will be able to check the current schedules for public transport, the exact prices for transportation and also find out all of the details of travelling as well as some possible issues which can take place on the way.

Picking specific tourist attractions

Certainly, learning about tourist attractions is not a great deal anymore as such information is widely available in different sources around the Internet. Yet, there are a couple of apps designed specifically for this purpose which will help you to find accurate information and show you the spots of interest on the map allowing you to navigate around your destination better.

Pay attention to Redigo which is a convenient guide around a great number of countries. A great advantage of this app is the fact it will also provide you with a small dictionary available for six languages. Of course, you should also pay your attention to such an online service for creating a plan for your trip as TripAdvisor which is currently the leader on the market. This service will provide you with all the necessary information about anything regarding travelling which is not limited exclusively to the places of interest. It also includes restaurants, shopping facilities, hotels and even transportation companies.

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