How to keep your money and documents safe during a trip?

Certainly, no one wants to get into a situation when his or her documents and money are gone, especially if it happens during a trip abroad. There are several tips which will help you to keep your valuable items safe.

Never leave your bank card anywhere

Obviously, you should always keep an eye on your bank card no matter whether you are abroad or at home. Even if your card is not lost forever and it was out of your reach just for a couple of moments, it could be enough for scammers to write down crucial information such as CVV-code as well as your name, expiration date and the card number itself. Unfortunately, this data can be enough for making transactions online, for example, for purchasing goods in the Internet.

For that reason do not leave your card out of your bag even if a waiter or a waitress is telling you payment terminal is working only in a particular room. This can actually be the truth and this person is not necessarily a thief. Yet, you are always risking to forget your card yourself.

Keep an eye on your cash

Having some money in cash is a good idea as sometimes you might not be able to use digital ways of payment even if you are travelling around the country with the highest level of digitalisation. Still, cash requires special attention from your side.

One of the worst places to keep your cash is the back pocket of your jeans or trousers. You do not even have to wait for anyone to steal your money which is not thus difficult if it is that particular pocket. The problem is, you may lose the money yourself any time you sit down.

For that reason, your cash as well as documents should be carried in a safe place such as, for example, an internal pocket of your jacket or a special bag attached to your belt. It is also possible to purchase a special bag with extra prevention against robbery. First of all, such bags are made of special material particularly resistant to mechanical impact. This means that thieves will not be able to cut a the material in a way that you will not notice. In addition to it, the pockets in such bags are hidden by thick layers of material which will also requires extra effort from the side of thieves to open them and get your possessions out.

It might be useful to use some special waterproof covers for your documents and cash. You might get inside water during particular trips and activities or just enjoy your time during the party to the extent that you forget about the possessions which can get wet.

Be careful with cash machines

When you are visiting an exotic location, it is particularly easy for you to use a cash machine which should not be trusted. You might see a cash machine covered with text you cannot understand even slightly and use it for getting cash while it is possible to get into some unpleasant situations using such a device.

One of the most common problems is committing a transaction with a large provision. Unfortunately, without proper knowledge of the language you might not understand such information and lose a way large sum of money for the service of paying your money out than you can imagine.

Yet, the situation can get even worse if an unknown cash machine was programmed in a way that allows it to scan your card and save its information required for transactions which scammers will be making. Moreover, if you are using a cash machine and do not understand something, it is not a good idea to refer to people standing nearby as they can always turn out to be scammers themselves waiting for tourists.

In order to prevent such situations, it is recommended to use cash machines located in banks or such public places as large shopping malls or airports.